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Frequencz raises $4.1M to develop a cloud native offering for unlicensed 5G private networks


Round led by Brightly Ventures, Candou Ventures, and Luminar Ventures

Cupertino, California and Stockholm, Sweden – May 4th 2021, Frequencz, an emerging leader in virtual shared private networks for Enterprises, announced funding to accelerate product development.

Carriers operate 5G on licensed spectrum in major markets for consumers. Enterprises need to build their own private secure networks with WIFI economics. Frequencz’s innovations unlock 5G to run on unlicensed spectrum in multiple frequency bands for customers in the Enterprise market. Frequencz offers an innovative alternative enabling the private network ecosystem to deliver the benefits of 5G to an underserved Enterprise market.

Frequencz delivers cloud economics to radio that will disrupt how private networks are built, operated and managed for dedicated or shared access. The solution ushers in massive innovation within the radio domain, enabling previously unobtainable ROI and profitability for private network operators and Enterprises. Deploying the Frequencz patent-pending solution allows enterprises to turn unlicensed spectrum into fully automated and self-organized private networks.

Frequencz’s founding team has a successful entrepreneurial history in radio, cloud, software as a service and AI. Scott Slater, Frequencz’s Co-Founder in Silicon Valley, described their global footprint.

“With our radio team embedded in Sweden and our AI team entrenched in Silicon Valley, we are able to capture the best of both talent bases, which is critical for innovation.”

The emergence of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in both the U.S. and Europe is driving a need for an increase in shared network capacity. Enterprises are actively pursuing alternative network models and use cases advancing the enterprise need, ROI in CBRS and use of unlicensed spectrum” noted Thomas Eklund, Frequencz’s Co-Founder in Stockholm.

“We are enthusiastic about the team, vision and unique go-to-market approach that Frequencz is pursuing. The unlicensed spectrum innovation will enable a new category of solutions for an extremely underserved market”

said Faraj Aalaei, Founding General Partner from Candou Ventures.

“We are excited to join and support the Frequencz journey. We are confident about the market opportunity for private 5G networks and impressed by the team’s vision and approach to pursuing this emerging opportunity”

said Andy Johnston, Partner from Brightly Ventures.

“Bringing together a world class team of wireless technology experts from Stockholm with
strong cloud/AI expertise from Silicon Valley impressed us and is very unique. We believe
Frequencz is well positioned to disrupt this emerging 5G market for Enterprises.”

said Magnus Bergman, Partner from Luminar Ventures.

Frequencz’s funding was rounded out by the investment teams from Acequia Capital, In- Venture and, Starbright Invest.

About Us:
Frequencz, is an emerging leader of shared virtual private networks for Enterprises. We bring cloud economics to radio and disrupt the way private networks are built, operated and managed. Our solution delivers innovation within the radio domain that offers foundational change in ROI and profitability for private network operators and Enterprises.


Brightly Ventures is backed by The Swedish Venture Initiative. The Swedish Venture Initiative is an initiative created by cooperation between Sweden and the European Investment Fund and financed under European Structural and Investment Funds.

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