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Starmony raises $3.5M to democratize music making


Swedish music tech company Starmony announced today that it has received $3.5M in funding from Brightly Ventures, Bonnier Ventures, and Acecap along with a group of angel investors from the music industry, as well as existing investors Luminar Ventures, Max Ventures and Almi Invest.

The Starmony app enables anyone with talent, and a smartphone to create and release a global hit within minutes, leveraging professional top music producers’ work combined with leading audio technology and the latest AI technology. In essence, your mobile becomes a full music studio, with professional music producers, and your own record label.

says Jan Nordlund, CEO, and co-founder of Starmony.

Normally, to go from idea to a final music release on Spotify and Apple Music requires in-depth knowledge of music production, access to record labels and studios for weeks, or even months. This leaves millions of talented music creators and bedroom singers outside the global music industry.

We have made a few test releases of full songs on Spotify and Apple Music made by early beta testers around the world in different genres, such as rap, dance, pop, and reggaeton with amazing results. In the Starmony Allstar playlist on Spotify you can judge for yourself.

says Daniel Zangger, COO, and Co-founder.

Among the new angel investors, you will find music business veterans Jonas Siljemark (ex Warner Music) and Ola Håkansson (TEN Music Group and more).

I have worked in the music industry for over 30 years and know how hard it is to actually create great music and get access to those closed networks of music executives and producers. Hence, most artists and great music makers never get the chance to show their talent to the world. Starmony can transform music making and let practically anyone produce great songs.

says Jonas Siljemark.

We are impressed by the team with their deep insights and height of innovation in music creation and tech. As social video creation and video content multiply each year, so does the demand for original music; we are excited by the creative format that Starmony enables; a talented singer-songwriter can produce original music as easily as short videos on a social video app. ”Technology that serves creativity in such an inspiring way.” – perhaps one should expect nothing less from the country the created both ABBA and Spotify!

says Katja Bergman, General Partner at Brightly Ventures.

The Starmony IOS app is released with a waiting list, and will now extend the beta user testing, followed by a mass-market release next year.

Contact information

Jan Nordlund
CEO & Co-founder at Starmony

Jacob Key
Founding & GP at Luminar Ventures

Katja Bergman
GP at Brightly Ventures

Jonas Von Hedenberg
SVP/Investment Director at Bonnier Ventures

Brightly Ventures is backed by The Swedish Venture Initiative. The Swedish Venture Initiative is an initiative created by cooperation between Sweden and the European Investment Fund and financed under European Structural and Investment Funds.

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