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Swedish plant-based seafood startup lands major investment


Hooked Foods, which launched its vegan tuna product, Toonish, into Swedish retail earlier this month, has raised €3.8 million.

The new funds will be used to accelerate product innovation, such as the launch of the plant-based salmon that startup is currently developing, which Hooked claims will be the first vegan shredded salmon on the market.

Founded in 2019, Hooked Foods is on a mission to counteract overfishing and the associated sustainability issues created in the conventional fishing industry.

As co-founder Tom Johansson, said in a press release:

“Overfishing is one of the most urgent environmental challenges we face today. The big nets of fishing boats also trap plants and animals, such as turtles and dolphins, leading to a growing number of animals killed and a negative impact on marine life.”

“We’re very pleased that Brightly Ventures, Oyster Bay Venture Capital and artist Danny Saucedo want to join our journey towards a more sustainable marine ecosystem. The funds will chiefly be used to further expand our presence in Sweden, scale up the team and accelerate product development,” he added.

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Brightly Ventures is backed by The Swedish Venture Initiative. The Swedish Venture Initiative is an initiative created by cooperation between Sweden and the European Investment Fund and financed under European Structural and Investment Funds.

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