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Meet the team.

Brightly is a Nordic early-stage technology investment firm, founded by former tech entrepreneurs, and operators. We partner early, backing exceptional teams that build game changers – the transformative businesses for a better tomorrow.


Andy is an engineer by trade and thrives on being part of the product design & development process. He has built and operated large software teams around the world in a 20+ year career at global telecoms leader Ericsson. In 2014 he became a partner at MOOR, where he worked primarily with the teams at Volumental, Buildsafe, Spotscale and Attach. Andy has also been part of the team at Furhat Robotics where he headed up engineering at the company. As a co-founder and partner at Brightly, Andy currently works closely with Worldfavor, Debricked, EVAM, Frequencz and Exeri.

Katja Bergman
+46 70 7472 441

Katja has been commercializing technology for more than two decades. She started with selling networks to operators globally at Nokia and later at Ericsson, moving to strategic tasks at the HQ, until co-founding Pipebeach, the creator of SpeechWeb for the spoken web and the markup language VoiceXML. Pipebeach became a category leading software vendor globally for interactive voice services and voice mail systems, to be acquired by Hewlett-Packard. In 2012 she co-founded MOOR, who was First VC investor in Nordic successes such as Acast, Mitigram, Volumental, Buildsafe, Kiosked and FirstVet. At Brightly she works closer with Worldfavor, Open Payments and Debricked. Katja is passionate about technology and ways to change the world for the better.

Kerstin Cooley
+46 70 5444322

Kerstin has spent her career at the intersection of emerging technologies, startups and fund investments on a global scale. She has a background from an IoT startup in Silicon Valley, she has held several management positions in a financial software
startup that grew into an international powerhouse and founded and ran a PR firm in London. In 2012 she co-founded MOOR. At Brightly she works closer with Acuminor and Perceptilabs.
Kerstin is passionate about entrepreneurs with the zeal to pull it off and the heart in everything they do.

John Elvesjö
+46 70 4823498

A serial entrepreneur with a highly successful exit under his belt, John is the founder of Tobii Technologies (TOBII, Nasdaq). Though his love for sensor technologies, math and algorithms was the primary drive as a tech entrepreneur, John has spent most of his time on business deals, building organizations, strategy partnerships and investor relations. John joined MOOR´s board prior to founding Brightly with Kerstin, Katja and Andy. At Brightly he works closer with Kaching, WeHype and Perceptilabs.

Christopher Albinsson

Christopher has a background from venture capital, mid-market private equity and corporate M&A. In his previous roles, among others at Tobii and Procuritas, he has worked with deal sourcing, financial modelling, portfolio company development and exiting, as well as corporate M&A deal structuring and negotiation. He has studied industrial engineering and management, specializing in electrical engineering and corporate strategy, as well as financial economics, at Linköping University. At Brightly he works closely with Acuminor, Wehype, Kaching and EVAM.

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